Riot Games: New detection and banning for players dishing out ‘extreme toxicity’

Riot Games: New detection and banning for players dishing out ‘extreme toxicity’

Last week, Riot Games announced that they would be disabling public chat for League of Legends in an effort to find a way to effectively punish players that give LoL it’s notorious reputation for being one of the most toxic environments in the gaming community for it’s players. Jeffry Lin, lead designer of social system for Riot gave details in a Reddit postabout Riot’s new detection system and…

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The paperwork is finished: Facebook now owns Oculus VR

The paperwork is finished: Facebook now owns Oculus VR

Months ago, the announcement of  Mark Zuckerberg (that guy that owns Facebook) purchasing Oculus VR sent a mixed bag of reactions, from loud groans to excited Facebook statuses and likes from around the world, but, quite a few of us stood in the middle of the fence; either not caring or exclaiming “we’ll believe it, when we see it!” Now we got what we asked for: the acquisition of Oculus VR has…

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The Darkwood interactive trailer let’s you choose your own ending

A brand new trailer has dropped for the horror game Darkwood and it’s interactive. And by interactive we mean, “choose-your-own-adventure” type of interactive.

Bethesda Softworks: ’ No public Doom reveal until 2015’

Bethesda Softworks: ‘ No public Doom reveal until 2015′

Many of us were really jealous when there were swirls of rumors about Doom footage being shown at QuakeCon and probably furious when we realized that there was no footage available anywhere for the Doom we all grew to love. Why? As per Bethesda Softowrks VP of  PR and Marketing Pete Hines, Doom isn’t ready for  it’s “formal announcement”.

“We’re working with [Id] to say, ‘How does this work? What…

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Microsoft: Xbox Entertainment Studios to close in coming months

Microsoft: Xbox Entertainment Studios to close in coming months

The Verge posted an internal memo from head of Xbox Phil Spencer that in the next few months, Microsoft is planning to close down Xbox Entertainment Studios. Along with this news, Microsoft also revealed that the original programming announced with the Xbox One was first revealed, will be “significantly trimmed”. Word is, Microsoft will regroup and come up with a new strategy for Xbox Original…

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The Walking Dead: Season Two : Episode 4 - ‘Amid the Ruins’ - Trailer & Release Dates

The Walking Dead: Season Two : Episode 4 – ‘Amid the Ruins’ – Trailer & Release Dates


The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4 ‘Amid the Ruins’ will be available starting next week on these dates for the corresponding platforms:

July 22nd: PC/Mac via Steam, the Telltale Online Store and other digital distribution services; on the PlayStation Store in North America (SCEA) forPlayStation 3 and PS Vita

July 23rd:…

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Double the sales since Xbox One dropped the Kinect

Double the sales since Xbox One dropped the Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect, has been a curse for the Xbox One since Day One from the price height compared to the PS4 to the mandatory purchase of it and the questionable practice of the Kinect never turning off, spurring rumors of Microsoft using the Kinect as a “Big Brother” spy tool for the government. So it’s safe to say, the announcement that the Xbox One would be sold without the Kinect and of…

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Tech Review: Razer’s Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard

Tech Review: Razer’s Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard

 First impressions Once out  of the box,  the Black Widow Ultimate gives off an air of superior performance that I had never experienced before;  the design,  the  placement  of the macro keys,  convenience of  an integrated USB port/ headset jack and overall comfort-ability really  were quite impressive.  But would the Black Widow Ultimate defend Razer’s title as one of the best companies for…

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New Avengers #020 Review

New Avengers #020 Review


Written By: Jonathan Hickman
Art By: Valerio Schiti

Finally, what we have all been waiting for. And the moment they have been dreading. The Illuminati Vs The Great Society. In the mist of this incursion, two earths nearing universal destruction, with failed attempts of peacefully solutions and quick crumbling rational minds, where do we go when no one will budge? Good ol fisticuff!
The Great…

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Ms. Marvel #4 Review

Ms. Marvel #4 Review


Written By: Willow Wilson

Art By: Adrian Alphona

Four issues in and Wilson continues to hit her mark. The second Kamala, the new Ms. Marvel, was mysteriously blessed with her new found abilities, she has struggled with her purpose. What has she become? What does she represent? How will she make an impact? In this issue, Wilson has Kamala face her second lesson. When you rush in head first, you…

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